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Egypt Crisis in the Sinai Region

Egyptian Crisis: Why The United States should care about Egypt

Egypt plans to extend its national state of emergency for three months from Jan. 13 citing security reasons. It initially imposed the current state of[...]

Happy New Year

  Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you success in all your endeavors throughout the new year.  [...]

U.S. Federal Reserve

U.S. Federal Reserve Rate Hike: Winners & Losers

The U.S. Federal Reserve, on 13th December 2017, raised the federal funds rate by 0.25%. Therefore, the federal fund's rate that determines credit cards, mortgage,[...]

Saudi Arabia military

Saudi Arabia Military Weapons of War Iran Should Fear

Saudi Arabia military has the fourth-largest military budget globally in 2017. With tensions heighten between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the possibility of a war between[...]


Key facts about Qatar in the Arabian Peninsula

Located in Western Asia, Qatar shares a land borders with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the south. A passage in the Persian Gulf separates[...]

India PM Modi on India Foreign Policy

India’s Foreign Policy Priorities by 2040

India's foreign policy agenda is more dynamic following the election of Narendra Modi in 2014. He has embarked on a series of international visits to[...]

World Oil chokepoints

World Oil Chokepoints for Energy Security

World oil chokepoints are the essential maritime route critical for constant supply of crude oil. Oil is vital for any country. Without oil, a country’s[...]

China – India War: This is how it may go down

China - India war is not only possible, but happened in 1962 and may occur again in the future. However, circumstances things were very different back then.[...]

Egypt map

Why Egypt matters to Great Powers

Egypt enjoys a vital strategic location, regional political influence and most populous country in the Middle East and North Africa. Militarily, it is the most[...]